Take a Stand!

In an effort to defeat Grayson County’s proposed relocation of the detention facility at the intersection of Hwy 11 and FM 697 in southeastern Sherman, Texas, we urge you to use the information provided in this blog to protest this project.

Breaking News! Jail to stay downtown

On Friday, March 7th, county officials announced that the potential southeast Sherman jail site would be abandoned in favor of an expansion/renovation of the existing jail in downtown Sherman. Citing new options that have become available to them, officials have decided to keep the jail in its original location near the county court house and other legal facilities.

It appears that southeast Sherman residents have “dodged the bullet” once again. We have prevailed through the persistent efforts of community organizers (Mr. Norman Ponder et al.) and the active participation of southeast Sherman residents! If you signed a petition or attended a public meeting…THANK YOU! A better community is the result of your efforts.

As for this site, we will go into a “holding pattern” and await further developments regarding the county jail issue. The e-petition will come down, but we will be watching until the first load of concrete is poured at the downtown jail.

jail pic
In a nutshell...this blog contains information about the negative impact a proposed 1,500 bed for-profit correctional facility would have on southeast Sherman. Alternatives to placing the proposed jail in a residential/rural neighborhood can be found on the Alternatives page and can be summed up as follows:
option 1
Relocate the jail to the North Texas Regional Airport-Perrin Field.
A logical choice since this area is already devoted to industrial and correctional activities. Light, noise, and traffic issues are minimized in this setting.
option 2
Build next to the existing downtown Sherman jail.
Keeps the jail facility nearest to the courts and law offices. Inmate transport concerns are negated.
option 3
Don’t build a jail at all.
Some argue that administrative improvements in the county judicial system and incarceration alternatives for non-violent offenders could reduce the need for a larger correctional facility.

Location of proposed jail in southeast Sherman

Please look over the information and voice your concerns to the officials listed on the Contact Page. Citizen participation in needed in deciding the fate of such an expensive, and contractually binding, privately-run facility. Decide for yourself, but one thing is obvious…southeast Sherman is NOT the place for this jail!

2 Responses to “Take a Stand!”

  1. Gerald R Gorman Says:

    I absolutely would not want a Jail built that close to my home. We payed good money for this place and this would kill the property value. I also feel that this places my family and friends a greater risk. While I agree with the fact that a criminal will want to get away from the jail area quickly if they escape, I think they would be looking for a getaway car or hostage. I’m 100 precent opposed to the highway 11 property for the jail.

  2. Rayla Gorman Says:

    I think Dewey Avenue is a very bad place for the new jail.
    I do not agree with the article that was published in the Herald Democrat, I believe on February 8, 2008. Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum reasoned that next to a jail is the safest place to live because anyone who might break out of the jail is going to be looking to get as far away from it as possible, as fast as possible. This is a not true!!! My grandfather was kidnapped due to an escape from the county jail where I grew up. The inmate escaped during breakfast delivery, took the deputy hostage with his own gun, went across the street to a local grocery store, much like the Piggly Wiggly just about two miles from the proposed location, took another hostage along with a bread delivery truck as a get away vehicle and proceeded to a small farm just outside the city limits and also kidnapped my grandfather. This kidnapping was the worse thing that happened to my family. I was only six years old when this happened and at the age of 42 is still in my mind constantly. When Judge Drue Bynum states that it is safe to live next door to a jail I guess he has never experienced the actual events that can happen by during and escape. It also makes me upset that he even thinks that the security that will be provided by the jail officers isn’t good enough to prevent an escape. I think with a Hawn Park, Crutchfield Elementary, Sherman High School and Austin College so close to this proposed location we are taking too many chances for them to be put in harms way if we allow this jail to be built here.
    My husband, daughter and I moved to the Oak Park Estates, which is the new housing edition less than one mile from the proposed jail site, just two years ago. We like living here but I do not want to live in fear that incase of an escape that my family would be in danger. When we bought our house we planned on retiring here to have a safe place for our grandchildren to come to visit and I don’t feel this would be the case if the jail moves in. If Judge Bynum thinks it is so safe to live near the jail and the decision is make to put it in this location he is welcome to buy my house so he can live in what he calls “the safest places to live.”
    I enjoy being at the edge of Sherman where we can see the star filled sky when we sit outside at night. If the jail is built in the proposed location the lighting will take this away. I feel safe in my back yard. I don’t want to start living in fear that something could happen to my family if the is an escape less then a mile from my home.
    I also feel that the city knows that this land isn’t fit to sell or build anything on and this is a way to try to make a profit off of it. It comes down to the almighty dollar not the safety of our children, families and the well being of the community.

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